Company Profile

BAO Consulting was founded in January 1999 in Paris, France, specializing in IT Consulting. Continuing its development in the globalization trend, BAO Consulting created in April 2004 BAO Solutions Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, providing Software Outsourcing & Development to clients all over the world.

Why Vietnam?


One of the reasons which motivated us to choose to open our outsourcing office in Vietnam is the enormous potential and the numerous opportunities offered today by the Asian IT Market in general and by the Vietnamese one in particular. These opportunities consist in the accelerated growth of the global Eastern Markets, coupled with the fast implantation of new technologies. The late start of Vietnam in new technologies may offer the local market considerable advantages simply by being able to exploit better the whole range of software. Also, the incoming technologies are the newest in the domain which gives the IT industry and service a very good starting point. The size of the IT service sector is still small, therefore with significant chances of development. For potential customers, especially the major international software producers, the trend is now to buy services from IT service firms. This trend follows the pattern in other countries all over the world.


As far as the human resources field is concerned, we find that Vietnamese private or public schools successfully train an ever increasing number of engineers. Universities are struggling with the large demand and increasing competition for placing graduates every day. Upon completion of their studies, students have an excellent level of expertise and are ready to enter the working field armed with the best knowledge. Due to their proficiency, IT engineers in Vietnam can now fairly compete with any other engineer from the other continents.

Why France?

Our office in France is meant to ensure the relationship between our clients situated in Europe and the Vietnamese outsourcing company. Being very young on the market as a company motivates us to prove our capabilities and to provide your company with expertise and high quality services specializing in software design and development. Therefore, each and every project will be analysed very carefully. It will have our total attention in order for us to achieve 100% satisfaction of our clients. Today, our objective in the IT services market requires zero defaults in our work, from which our clients may beneficiate. Nevertheless, we do not focus ourselves only on acquiring new clients. Our loyalty program includes special treatment given to our most faithful customers in assuring a high quality after-sales service. We are a dynamic company with an excellent growth potential in the future as the outsourcing activity is merely the first of a wide range of activities we wish to offer.

Our objective for the near future is to develop our client portfolio and to conquer the European market.Our aim is to become one of the most important outsourcing companies in Europe.

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BAO Solutions uses the most recent technologies on the IT industry. Our continuous need for improvement makes us sensitive about the slightest change in the domain.

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Our IT engineers, graduated from the top Vietnamese and international (French, German, Australian) universities, master the most recent technologies and have excellent technical and practical experience.

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We are determined to make each project entrusted to BAO Solutions a success. Our intention is to analyze and provide the best in class outsourcing solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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